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No, I'm not a robot in Star Wars.


I'm a multi artist from Norway. My main job is in Grafics Design and Animation. Then I do some VFX and editing as well. Plus a lot of other stuff that involve visuals and sound. And have always been working as a DJ and with music mixing since I had the equipment to do so. It has ramped up in the later years and decided to do more about it. So this is the extension of that.

Why 2R? 2 in Norwegian spells like To (Two in English). And My real name is Tor. Just makes a nice grafic.

Below is a showreel that should have been updated several years ago. But who got the time for that. Some examples of my work at my dayjob.



Please fill out the form below for questions and comments. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you!!!

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